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HelpingAHero.org Invites you to attend a Welcome Home Ceremony SrA Brandon Byers, USAF (Ret.)

Brandon played in the high school band in Waxahachie, TX and served as drum major his junior and senior years. He also played in a jazz band in high school and at North Central Texas College where he started his degree before serving in the military. Brandon graduated from the University of North Texas in May of 2012.

He joined the military because he wanted to serve and to do his part as did the people who came before him, like his father, grandfathers, cousins, in-laws, and many of his friends. His plan was to make a career in the military for 20 years.

On May 10, 2005, he joined the Air Force and, in October, was assigned to Nellis Air Force Base as his first duty station. He was there for 6 months prior to his first, and last, deployment to Camp Bucca, Iraq. He trained as a driver and .50 caliber machine gunner in Seattle, WA. He worried about his wife and daughter at first but began to realize how important his job was and was very proud of his assigned duties.

His vehicle was hit by an Explosively Formed Projectile (EFP) on October 16, 2006, that severely injured his left leg and right hand. After the explosion, he woke to find he was lying in the vehicle rather than standing. The amount of damage to his leg required massive blood transfusion, and he was intubated for two days. The doctors were able to save enough of his left leg and right hand to use today.

After 30+ surgeries, he has severe nerve damage to his leg, a tendon transfer on his hand, full knee replacement, and an amputation of his left leg. He can walk with the use of a prosthetic and has use of his hand, but he has had to find different ways to do things. He is positive he can still accomplish his goals with the full support of his family. He chooses to show others that the injuries do not define him but are a part of who he is now. He can still live fully knowing that his sacrifice did not weaken him but made him stronger.

Brandon and Megan have been married for 10 years and have a daughter, Cameron, and a son, Preston. Megan is a stay at home mom and Brandon’s full-time care giver. She has recently started an at-home baking business. She never let him quit or second guess himself through rehabilitation, and he credits her with their marriage becoming stronger because she never left his side.
McKinney, Texas will be their new home. He looks forward to providing a safe and secure home for his family and serving others in his community.