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A Tribute to Chad Snowden

A Video Tribute to Chad Snowden

Chad Snowden was born September 24, 1975 and has played golf since he was 8 yrs old. Chad had taken professional lessons throughout his school years into high school in Weatherford, TX. Chad was the only freshman on his senior golf team. Chad played against Tiger Woods in a tournament at the Woodlands and also met many professional golfers while working at golf courses throughout the metroplex. Chad was given a putter from Freddie Couples when they met at the Colonial Country Club, and Chad has also played and worked for Mark Brooks at the Carswell Golf course in Ft. Worth, TX.

Chad SnowdenChad’s dream was to be a professional golfer. After the events of 9-11 occurred, Chad decided to join the Army. It was his personal mission to go out and fight for our countries freedom.

Chad went to boot camp at Ft. Bennings, Georgia. He was with the 503rd 2nd ID and they immediately sent him to South Korea. He was there about a year when his orders sent him to Iraq. SPC Chad Snowden was a gunner on a Humvee when he took an AK-47 bullet to his forehead. He was blown out of a Humvee and laid in the streets of Fallujah, Iraq for close to 25 minutes. He was presumed dead, but when they flew down to pick him up, he was alive. Chad was flown to Balad, Iraq and he underwent a 5 hr. brain surgery to remove 30% of his frontal lobe and bullet fragments. He also had over 57 fractures in the back of his skull. After a week, they flew Chad to Landstuhl, Germany. Within 2 days of being in Germany, the doctors said they needed him transported back to the United States to the Walter Reed Hospital Facility for special treatment. Chad stayed at the Walter Reed Facility until Christmas of 2004 and was then transferred to Richmond, Virginia. His final stop took place back in the State of Texas for rehabilitation. Chad has received the Purple Heart and the Army Commendation Medal from the Secretary of the Army.

Chad Snowden

Chad has been very blessed and so has his family with his recovery. The one thing that has helped him and his quality of life is to play golf again. Golf has played a major role in his healing process and therapy.

His goal is to live on a golf course so he can play golf whenever he wants to. He has been blessed to have met Rory Sabatini and his wife Amy since his injury. They have been very good to Chad and have blessed him in so many ways. Just making random phone calls to see how he is and joke a little, to playing golf with Chad when Rory’s time permits from his busy professional golf schedule.

Chad had the privilege to play with Rory last year at the Pro Am day by invitation from Rory. Chad played on his team along with George Lopez, Tony Harbor with Crown Plaza Hotels, and Mayor Mike Moncrief of Ft. Worth. It was by far, one of the most exciting days of Chad’s life. Chad also played with Rory at a tournament to honor our wounded heroes in Lakeway, Texas and just a fun round of golf at the Colonial Country Club in Ft. Worth, Texas. I would like to say that Rory and Amy Sabatini’s involvement and the love they showed toward Chad, made such a positive influence in his life. This act of friendship and kindness made a difference in a life of a wounded hero to better himself. As a mom, I will never forget what they have done for us.

Chad Snowden
Thank you Amy and Rory and to all those who have taken time out to bless not only my son but all those who have served our great country and have paid the ultimate price for our freedom we enjoy today.

Chad’s goal is to try, as he gets better, to become the best golfer he can possibly be with help from his family and those who can support him with the challenges that lie ahead. He has a positive attitude though and has never regretted joining the Army and serving his country, to fight the war on terror and preserve the freedoms we enjoy today. As Chad says, God Bless you mom and God Bless America.